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Financial Settlement

We have acted in some of the largest property settlement cases in the history of the Family Court of Australia – both litigated in Court and negotiated outside the Court. Because we deal frequently with complex commercial property settlements, we are well practised at advising in matters involving corporate interests, trusts or assets situated both in Australia and overseas. We apply these skills with equal vigour to all of our matters – whether involving property worth millions of dollars or just a few hundred thousand.

Critical to every property settlement is having the right advice. This means understanding both what a Court might do and what will work best in your particular situation. Many of the settlements we help to achieve are less based on what clients would be entitled to if they went to Court and more on what outcome works best for them and their family.

With our broad experience of working with valuers, accountants, commercial lawyers and senior barristers, we make sure you have all the options placed before you; giving you the best chance to make the ‘right’ decision.

Legislation Highlights
Section 79
Section 75(2)