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Mediation has grown in popularity in the past decade. It is ideally suited to Family Law matters as the mediator affords each of the parties a neutral communicator who can take some of the heat out of what can often be very emotional negotiations. Each mediation is different for a variety of reasons. The critical decisions are often who will be the mediator and what format will the mediation take.

We have worked with most of the leading mediators in Family Law in Sydney; also with some of the leading commercial mediators. We know how most of them approach trying to help the parties settle and can help you choose the mediator who will give you the most confidence throughout the process.

Mediation does not always mean that you have to be in the same room as your former partner for part or all of the time. Sometimes it is good for everyone to keep meeting together. At other times, an initial meeting is followed by a series of individual meetings with the mediator. Again,
it is essential to work out which process will work best for your situation.

Most mediations will occupy at least one day, but sometimes will run for two days or longer. You will have agreed in advance how long the mediation will take. If you reach an agreement, your lawyer can then document the settlement and sometimes both parties ‘sign up’ on the spot.